Nature Spirits at Rosamund Community Garden Part 1, March 2024 by Joanna Al-Zuhairi

Have you heard of Findhorn? It is a spiritual community near Inverness in Scotland, which I visited a while ago (see Our story | Findhorn Foundation) when I first came to Rosamund my vision for this garden was a mini Findhorn. The Findhorn garden was born out of necessity, not out of a vision. Two women and a man had lost their job and were forced to move – together with two children – into a caravan on a disused campsite. With no money but with a lot of trust in the Universe they started a vegetable garden. The three, being well educated on spiritual realms (not on religious facts) meditated and prayed for guidance, which they received.

In the coming blogs, I will set out how Devas and Nature Spirits advised them how to take care of the garden and how to grow vegetables, resulting in vegetables that were out of proportion. I hope to inspire gardeners to become aware of spiritual realms that influence a garden and to create a more spiritual and respectful attitude towards the garden. When I had my yurt at the garden I did give a workshop on the workings of Findhorn but the spark didn’t ignite. People now – esp. young people – are more open to the Other or Unseen World and hopefully this time a spiritual Spark will ignite and – maybe just a few of us – will begin to work closely with these Nature Spirits.

I intend to start off writing 3 articles on the subject of Nature Spirits and will then enquire how much interest there is in this subject and if we can organise regular sessions, when I will tell you the basics on how to tune in with each other and with these Nature Spirits.

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