A Rosamund Solstice Celebration

It was a warm and balmy evening following weeks of no rain. The orchard meadow was dry, and a chorus of crickets welcomed my arrival. It was shortly after nine when I placed my hamper upon the table and poured a glass of wine to celebrate. The hidden sunset beckoned, and I followed the light down to the far gate through the apple trees. Emerging from the bushes, I was delighted to see that I hadn’t missed out. I stood there, marveling at the distant sun setting on the longest day of the year, grateful to witness this magical moment.

After a while, I happily walked back up into the garden and met a smiling Annelize as she made her way down to take photos. The wonderful Sarah joined us shortly after. We sat, drank, nibbled, and chatted, sharing the wonderful evening in celebration of Mother Earth. Once the light had faded, Sarah led us into a joyful song, and each of us enjoyed singing for our little group. We admired the sickle moon and Venus as bats zoomed overhead. Before we knew it, it was near midnight. It was a spontaneous gathering, with no plan, and a perfect example of how the simple union of nature and togetherness can nourish the soul. Thank you, Rosamund Garden, for an evening to remember.

Julie G

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