One Day Cob Course 3.4.22

A note from Helen:

Just wanted to remind/inform you that this Sunday at the Garden we will be joined by Jon Kalviak one of the builder / designers involved in the Brighton Earthship project who will be leading our one day cob courses to get the Hub archways cobbed in May/June.

Jon will be on site on Sunday helping us pre-mix the cob from our pond spoil clay, sharp sand and chopped straw. We will also be using the solar array and our cement mixer to mix up some more lime mortar and get a bit more of the plinth stone walling done. 

Mike, Fudge, Clare and I have nearly completed the first plinth wall as you have hopefully seen – we have really enjoyed learning this traditional skill from Fudge. We are there most Thursdays getting that done bit by bit!

Many hands make light work so please do come and get involved with the cob mixing and stone walling this Sunday if you can. If you would like to help with the walls and can’t make Thursdays or this Sunday please do let us know and we will try and arrange a date more people can do to get a group working on it. Its a lot of work for the 3 of us to really keen for more offers of help on this =) 

We’d also love as many of our volunteers as possible to get involved with the cobbing when we get to that stage. We will be arranging one-day courses both midweek and weekend in May/ June so please watch this space for those dates!

Happy gardening!


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